Yamaha RBX 550


RBX 550 and RBX 550M
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  • Yamaha RBX 550 bass guitar
    Yamaha RBX 550


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  • bass guitars

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The Yamaha RBX550 bass also came with an optional maple fingerboard with black dots (RBX550M).

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Made inJapan
Number of strings4 strings

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2017$299goodDokkI've had great experiences with these.just acquired a sweet rbx270 fretless.

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Yamaha RBX 550 reviewed by D. Dyer, old bass player

Average: 5 (1 vote)
I played this bass professionally from 1989 - 1995, and I somewhat regret selling it for a Pedulla Rapture. Not that the Rapture was a bad choice, but I shouldn't have sold the Yamaha to move up. I recently reacquired a pearl 550, for nostalgia. Set up with care, it plays beautifully. I may even play live with it again, if just to remember.

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