• Yamaha TRB4 II electric bass translucent red
    Yamaha TRB4 II electric bass translucent red
  • monochrome yamahaTRB4 II
    monochrome yamahaTRB4 II


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  • bass guitars

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1998 to 2007

The TRB 4 II was introduced in 1998, as an update to the original TRB 4. The TRB 4 II has has since been discontinued. The 4-string TRB4 II has a rosewood-on-maple neck, ash body, ergonomic cutaway and neck joint, and bottom-anchoring brass bridge. The differences from the original TRB 4 include a pair of humbuckers (2 active single coils with dummy coils), 35 inch scale length (an inch longer than the TRB4), and active electronics with accurate three-band EQ. Finish options were: Amber Burst, Translucent Blue Burst, Magenta Burst.  Its recommended retail price, when new, was $1600.


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2012$650.00excellentBuzz Payne it plays really well. Just be sure to unplug it every time or it will run the 9 V battery down.

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YAMAHA TRB 4 II reviewed by Mike Milner

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I own one. Top quality build, as to be expected from Yamaha (I also own a BB 1200). The eq gives the instrument great versatility when you are dialing in your preferred sound, and the smaller body makes the instrument comfortable. A bit on the heavy side; but nothing too serious. There aren't too many out there, but they are a real bargain if you can find one used.

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