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Yamaha Weddington Advert

The dinosaurs could have used this kind of wisdom. Instead they relied on tradition. They relied on old thinking. They relied on the weather Forecast. Bad move. With this in mind we designed the Weddington.
It's one guitar that respects tradition. It captures the style and sound of vintage guitars without forgetting this simple act; we've learned a lot since Ike was president. Like what makes a vintage guitar sound so good. And what doesn't. And it’s not about how old it is. And it's not about the color of the pick-ups. It's about wood.
The Weddington body is a single. solid piece of mahogany. And we're talking Honduran mahogany. The kind the classics were made from. Not the heavier, cheaper, more common, African variety. Go down to the music store and ask the sales person For a mahogany guitar. Now ask it it’s African or Honduran. They love customers like you.
The top is Figured maple. It brings a bit of brightness to the Weddington's tone. And it’s one of the pieces that was carefully selected by our own expert wood buyers. Their sole job requirement is to find beautiful wood For our guitars.
The end result is spectacular. Look at the picture there. Nice job. The neck is mahogany and maple, set~in to the body. The heel is beautifully sculpted so it's easier to play the higher Frets. They didn’t have this in the old days. This is progress.
The Fingerboard is hound ebony. It's inlaid with sparkling abalone and mother-of- pearl. And it all looks good. But how does it sound? Vintage. If you want it to. Actually, it'll sound just about any way you like
The pick-ups are genuine DiMarzio humbuckers. They're Custom—designed and made in the USA. And the switch has Five positions so you can choose from a variety of distinctly different and useful tones. all hum-cancelling.
By new you may feel a dull throbbing sensation at the base of your cerebellum, where your instincts used to be. You should go call 1-800—879-1131. ext. 200. Well send you more information about the Weddington Custom, Classic and Special. Or go down to your local Yamaha Guitar Dealer and take a look at the Weddington. You can touch it. You can pick it up. Best of all, you can play it.
The dinosaurs cannot. There’s a moral here somewhere.