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The Moonlander is a stereo biheaded electric guitar with 18 strings, 6 normal strings and 12 sympathetic - resonating drone strings. The guitar is a custom-made instrument, made in 2007 for Lee Ranaldo of Sonic Youth.

Although it looks like an electric version of a harp guitar Yuri insists it is an electric sympathetic string guitar: the droning strings are designed to resonate to the notes played on the conventional 6 strings and not to be physically plucked. The headstock is like nothing I have seen before, the truss rod must be pretty strong to withstand all that string tension.

Electronically the Moonlander has four output options:

  1. The output for the bridge pickup, like on any other normal guitar
  2. The output for the droning strings pickup
  3. Output 3 for the upper rotated neck pickup, for a stereo option
  4. Output 4 for the lower rotated neck pickup, for a stereo option

The Moonlander's shape is a composite of the Fender Electric XII and the Vox Mark VI. The name is derived from the computer game Moonlander.

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