product types: 

  • acoustic guitars
  • classical guitars


Carlos Juan Busquiel makes fine classical guitars. Busquiel was born in 1980 and studied violin as child, he went to the University of Alicante to study Music and English and then worked as a teacher for 9 years. He began to teach himself instrument construction - his first instrument being an electric violin and then an acoustic violin. After meeting guitarist Rafael López Porras in Cádiz, he dedicated his attentions to classical guitar making and he studied with the maestro José Luis Romanillos, in a course on the construction of a hand vihuela directed by Jaume Bosser and assisted by Joan Pellisa. He learned about traditional Spanish guitar construction based on the designs of Antonio de Torres. By studying valuable instruments from different eras (Vicente Arias, José and Manuel Ramírez, Santos Hernández, Enrique García, Francisco Simplicio ...) he has developed different guitar models which he builds in  his workshop in Petrer, Alicante.


Carlos Juan Busquiel, constructor de guitarras
Calle la Huerta
03610 Petrer , AC
Alicante ES