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The EMD Group is one of the major European distributors of musical instruments and accessories. EMD Music, the parent company, is based in Brussels and supplies products to the United Kindom, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and Austria. In 2002, the EMD Group also launched itself in the USA, with a base in Nashville, Tennessee.

In 1995 EMD created it's own proprietary brand; STAGG. Global sales of Stagg products have quickly expanded to the point where they now account for most of EMD's revenue. In recent years, EMD has also developed new house brands like JN Guitars, ANGEL LOPEZ and LEVANTE. The group also continues it's business partnerships with other brands such as REMO, MARTIN, AUGUSTINE, SEIKO, GHS and more.

In late 2006, EMD also established itself in China, in the region of Guangzhou, where it now has offices and warehouses.



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