Mystery Guitar IBANEZ RG Series

Well lets see if this site makes it into my favorites. I buy used guitars and sell parts on eBay. I recently came across a mystery guitar.

It was made in 2001 at the Cort factory Korea. I have established this through serial number. C01098087

The model number is RG 160 B. Not only is this guitar not in any of their catalogues but its the only H-S-S RG that I have seen.

Also the neck and the body neck pocket are stamped with " SAMPLE 200L 8 . 27  "

It has standard Ibanez tuners (not the cheapies on grx models). The only other RG160B I have found on the internet is from 2000 and had cheapie tuning pegs.

This guitar is weird. Definitley a wizard II neck but it is not AANJ.. It was attached using screws and a plate in the standard neck style. The slope on the guitar body is less than other RG's I have come across. I am convinced this is 100% genuine Ibanez but I cannot figure out anything about it. Also I'm pretty sure it is not a ply alder body. Looks like basswood.

2001 RG 160 B

Do you have any idea what I have?!?!?


Ibanez RG 160B

Was this the one with the cheapie machine heads - Link: Ibanez RG 160B ?

There were some HSS RGs in the 1990s (the 560 and the 760).

Link: Ibanez 1990 EU catalog

The 100 sereis was introduced sometime in the 1990s but I can only find RG170s in the catalogs. 

Link: Ibanez catalogs 1950s to 2010s

Maybe it was something to do with the SA160 - this model had the same HSS configuration but with a rounded body and no scratchplate

yeah that's the

yeah that's the cheapie.

Looked at those links. I have Ibanez catalogues in my favorites. As I said just like you I can find nothing on this guitar.


No pickguard by the way.

I checked out the SA series. The pickup config is the same. I have no idea whether they are the same pickups. I'm pretty sure these are just powersounds. Not marked. Also the body on my guitar is definitely RG Series but with less slope. Input jack is in the bottom not the front. And the tremolo is the same as the sa160. And the profile is wizard II.

Now have you ever seen a wizard II neck with a normal bolt on pattern  not AANJ???