How to add brands and guitars to

If you are a registered user you can add four types of pages to Unregistered users can also add My-guitar-gear pages.

Guitar list page types


Brand pages: describe a brand name. To add a brand name go to

Guitar gear series pages: are for a family of products (they could be guitars, amplifiers, accessories etc.). To add a new gear series go to

Guitar gear pages: are for a single product model (it could be a guitar, amplifier, accessory etc.). To add a new item of gear  go to

If you are adding any of the above three pages, check they don't already exist. If they do you can edit the existing pages.

My guitar gear: is for an individual example of a particular model. To add one of these go to You can add your own guitars etc here.


Please comment in the Forum if you have any ideas or suggestions to improve the way the site is organized.




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