PureSalem Guitars

PureSalem Guitars is a small family affair based in Miami Florida USA. Formed in 2013 PureSalem continues to offer players a break from the norm. Road Tested & Artist Approved. Boutique quality at working musician prices.  PureSalem also boasts the best slogan in the biz "BOW DOWN UPON OUR CHURCH OF ACID ROCK"

Artist Roster Sample: Black Mountain, Deerhoof, Dandy Warhols, Froth, Sasami, Buffalo Tom, Dead Meadow, Slowdive, Flaming Lips, State To State, Editors, Psychic Ills, Medicine Boy, Vacant Lots, Warlocks and more.

***PureSalem is LEFTY OWNED !!!! - All models come in some variation of lefty and with no Upcharge. Companies that do that operate off GREED. It cost only a few dollars more to make a lefty then a righty. If you didn't know - NOW YOU DO !

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