52 Instrument Co.

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  • acoustic guitars
  • classical guitars


52 Instrument Co. classical guitars are made in Montreal by Jeremy Clark. Clark has a background in classical music and played the violin (touring internationally) but eventually came to the classical guitar in his 20s. He then spent a number of years as an apprentice to guitar maker Sergei de Jonge. Most of his construction techniques are traditional but he uses several modern procedures. He uses objective testing methods to select top and backs based on their physical characteristics. He also uses a signal generator to measure vibrational modes and ensure that his guitars have pleasant resonances. His guitars usually have the following notable features: adjustable necks, structured sides, hexagonal bracing, soundports on the sides and low mass bridges with reinforced string holes.

Source: 52 Instrument Co. website (19 May 2022)


52 Instrument Co.
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