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  • bass guitars
  • electric guitars


Belman guitars were handmade in Melbourne, Australia from 1994 to 2007 by Tony Bell. Tony first built a guitar as a school project with classmate Craig Manger in 1982. They went on to form a guitar repair business and began also making custom instruments. They officially founded Belman Guitars in 1994. Their brand name was a portmanteau of their surnames; Bel(l)-Man(ger).

Belman experimented with various exotic Australian timbers and colouring effects. They also hand-wound custom pickups. The company eventually relocated to their first full factory in Thomastown, Victoria and had around five people working on the team. They initially offered 4 models, three guitars in the Double Cutaway, Hornet and Albatross, and a bass model, and over 18 variations were available based on these.

Source: Jedistar Belman page


Belman Guitars Thomastown , VIC
Victoria AU