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Brute Basses is a UK bass brand started by David Telfer. Telfer began building his own bass guitars to create unique instruments, leveraging his love for hands-on crafting and design (his background is in the fashion industry). Initially modifying Fenders, he soon began designing his own basses, drawing inspiration from mid-century designs and less conventional models by brands like Fenton Weil and Yamaha. His creative process involves using locally sourced recycled materials and experimenting with various design elements to produce distinctive, high-quality instruments. His brand, Brute Basses, has gained recognition and use among notable musicians, reflecting his dedication to combining aesthetic innovation with practical functionality. Circa 2022 Telfer was operating Brute as a side project to his main job running the Sunspel clothing brand.

Source: Brute Basses - David Telfer. (24 April 2024)


Brute Basses
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