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Ron Carriveau (born around 1941) started making guitars full time in 1968 at the Village Luthier, 1922 E. Hedrick St.,Tucson, Arizona . Carriveau also operated as Precision Guitar Works. Carriveau introduced the Eloustic models in the 1980s, these were versatile guitars with both magnetic and piezo pickups mounted on thin lightweight hollow bodies with no sound-hole and a unique transducing brace and bridge system.

Source Directory of Contemporary American Musical Instrument Makers. Susan Caust Farrell

Source Tucson Daily Citizen. Tucson, Arizona. August 2, 1969· Page 36


Ron Carriveau
4442 North 7th Avenue
85013 Phoenix , AZ
United States
Arizona US


Carriveau eloustic E5-86-1 preamp troubles

I currently own a eloustic electric acoustic nylon string guitar. The preamp on this guitar has loose wires and 2 empty dip8 sockets. Just hoping someone would be kind enough to look inside their working eloustic and help me make mine work! Thanks

Carriveau eloustic E5-86-1 preamp troubles

I got it to work but the volume is too low. The negative wires on both batteries are disconnected but it dont work when i try to connect. Prolly just need to ground. I put in 2 tl072 ics. Anyone wanna buy? Contact [email protected]

Serial number location (are there fraudulent copies of this guit

I was curious how to find out exactly what I have here so any info on where to look for a serial number would be appreciated Iv e been offered a good deal of money but don’t want to cheat myself and I have no resources to get a legitimate appraisal any info helps thanks

11 string guitar

Life in Oregon with the Schumacher 11 string message me or call me. Lutemax@aol