Claudio Lazcano del Castillo

product types: 

  • mandolins
  • classical guitars
  • electric guitars


Claudio Lazcano del Castillo began his training in 1984 in the luthiery workshops of Ateneo Los Teques in Venezuela. Since 1985 he has made plucked instruments for various institutions, among which are: the Camerata de Caracas, the Estudiantina del Banco Industrial de Venezuela, Universidad de Los Andes, Central University of Venezuela, Mavesa Cultural Project, the Foundation Bigott and the National Cultural Council as well as renowned figures of musical performance as Saul Vera, Julio Medina, Cheo Hurtado, Christoph Soto, Isabel Palacios, Jonathan Coles, Rafael Brito, Ivan Adler, Salomé Sandoval, Luis Pino. In 1997 he took some training courses with Paul Fischer, in the August International Festival in Caracas. He makes traditional instruments, including those belonging to the Latin American traditions, but also old European instruments such as lutes, harps, mandorlas, Renaissance and Baroque guitars.



Calle Sucre, Edificio Lumedil, Local sótano, Urbanización Chacao,
1060 Caracas