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Matthias Dammann was born in 1957 and attended the music academy in Frankfurt where he eventually became a lecturer for classical guitar. As a player Dammann was inspired to enhance the tone of the classical guitar and to this end he began to experiment with altering aspects of the design. Matthias was unhappy with the inconsistent quality of available soundboard wood. He decided to try to create his own soundboard material by using a sandwich of two light tops with a central core. Using such a soundboard Matthias Dammann created the first double top classical guitar in 1989. These earliest double tops were all wood and made of two cedar tops with a central core of cedar strips but by 1995 Dammann was using a strong, light, Kevlar based honeycomb patterned core material called Nomex. By 2012 Dammann created a third evolution of his double top concept, replacing the Nomex core with a different material.

Source: The origin and development of the double top guitar. Chris Kamen, Classic Guitars International



Matthias Dammann
94152 Neuhaus am Inn , BY
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