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  • bass guitars
  • electric guitars


Excelsior was founded in New York in 1924 by Egisto and Roberto Pancotti. The Pancottis had emigrated from Castelfidardo, Italy in 1920 - Castelfidardo being an important center of accordion manufacture. The Pancottis with their Excelsior and Pancordion brand accordtions were soon selling in instruments in the east coast US cities. The Excelsior accordions were played by the major American artists including Charles Magnante, Art Van Damme and Pietro Deiro Jr. In 1948, the brothers set up a factory back home in Castelfidardo, Italy, which to produce Excelsior instruments for export world-wide. In the mid 1960s Excelsior made use of their Italian - US links to import and distribute a range of Excelsior electric guitars - including the Dyno and Jamaica models. These guitars were well made and showed originality in their designs - but are less well known than other Italian brands of the era.

Source: Fetish Guitars - Excelsior (21 April 2017)


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