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  • bass guitars


Fábregues basses were made in Puerto Rico by Pepe Fábregues. Pepe Fábregues was born in Spain, and from early on he combined his school studies with learning the craft of making musical instruments. Early on, the Fábregues Family moved to Puerto Rico where Pepe a bass player himself,  took on the local exotic rhythms and influences. As Puerto Rico is an American Commonwealth he was also exposed to Rock & Roll, Rhythm & Blues and Pop Music. Pepe was determined to find a bass sound that was flexible enough to cross play though all these genres and decided to create his own  instrument. Fábregues basses were available in the late 1990s and early 2000s but by 2010 Pepe was not building new basses - instead he was concentrating on repair work.

Source: Fabregues website (archived)


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