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  • electric guitars


His will to learn how to play the guitar without charging his family financially, pushed young Greek Bill Fremediti to the creation of his first acoustic guitar. His father’s woodworking shop was the right place to begin his adventure, because it offered him the right equipment for his goal.

So, at the age of 16, with the help of a hand sized picture of an acoustic guitar and the stock of woods hanging around in his father's shop, he managed to construct his first guitar and started to learn to play it. That was just the beginning. 

A guitar of a better quality was the next aim; a solid body electric one this time! (his studies in electronics help too) and after some hard time and creative effort, his first new electric guitar becomes his pride and joy. Some friends, after played with the new guitar, asked him to make some more electric guitars for them as well and so he did, with unexpected good results. Some more solid body electrics have been made by his hands until one night, entering a live jazz concert in his town, he was amazed by the sound of that guitar in the band! “What type of guitar is this one?”. He gets closer and immediately impressed by the big, beautiful guitar with two holes on it like the ones of a violin! Delighted both by the sight and the sound he made his decision: 

“My next guitar must be quite like this one!”

He launches his first archtop guitars quite soon. The released sound is the desired one! And this is only the beginning! There’s much more to follow…