product types: 

  • Lutes
  • mandolins
  • zither
  • acoustic guitars
  • classical guitars


The Hauser family of guitar makers started in Erding near Munich with Josef Hauser (1854-1939). Josef was an apprentice to zither teacher Jospf Wimmer. Josef Hauser became a zither teacher and concert player and also made his own instruments. This first instrument was presented to Duke Maximilian of Bavaria (a keen zither player)  who was impressed and gave Josef Hauser a letter of recommendation. From then on Josef worked as a luthier making zithers, guitars, mandolins, violins and lutes.

Josef's son Hermann Hauser  I (1882-1952) trained with his father, took over the workshop and became a leading figure in classical guitar making. His skill as a luthier and his innovations in classical guitar design have influenced many 20th century luthiers. Hermann's son (Herman Hauser II; 1911-1988) and grandson (Hermann Hauser III; 1958-) have continued to developed the Hauser classical designs and maintain the Hauser tradition of excellence.

Source: Hauser Guitars website (11 September 2017)


Herman Hauser
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