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John David Scott guitars was founded in the summer of 1999 by three business partners; John Harb, David Amirault and Scott Fraser.  John Harb and David Amirault were both employees of  Larivee for a number of years and decided to team up to start a small shop based in Burnaby British Columbia.  At the outset they made use of advice from their friends such as John McQuarrie at Northwood guitars, Jeff Sigurdson and Jesse Brace at Legend and Jean Larriveé at Larriveé Guitars.

The dreadnaught was the first guitar they built with a number of different headstocks bridges and bindings. All the guitars were always built from these early days with solid woods ebony bridges and fingerboards and hand-fit dovetails. Over time they settled on a headstock shape and expanded their models to include an orchestra model and both regular and extended upper bout cutaways. All their guitars were built from hand selected quality local and imported woods and built under climate-controlled environments.

Over the next year and a half, John Harb and Scott Fraser remained involved in their day jobs until increasing pressure from their primary careers caused them to resign from the company. This led to David Amirault as the principal owner/operator of the company. With an increasing demand for the guitars in 2002 David Amirault rented woodshop space from John Schmidt of Hycraft Design; a local company doing high end custom wood working.

The JDS website was active until 2016, but is now offline.

Source: John David Scott guitars website (archived 2007)


John David Scott Guitar Company
688 Derwent Way
V3M 5P8 Annacis Island , BC
British Columbia CA