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  • electric guitars


Since 2015, we’ve specialized in working with our clients to bring their self-designed dream to life by meticulously handcrafting their electric guitar from start to finish. We believe that each musician should not have to settle for what is available, but rather have an opportunity to design their own affordable custom guitar. To this end, we put you first, dedicating craftsmanship, superior intonation and sound, and enhanced playability. Unlike a major manufacturing production line, we focus on the details of what makes a great guitar — ultimately separating a guitar from a finely crafted instrument. 

Our signature models were designed with inspiration from the classics, but were given a complete modern transformation. Before each model was released to the public, it was developed in an extensive design and prototyping phase, and special templates, jigs, and diagrams, unique to each model, were built to ensure the accuracy of all measurements and cuts down to acceptable tolerances (about 3 hundredths of an inch). This ensures proper intonation and the correct amount of transfer of vibration from the strings to the neck and body for tone.  

Each guitar is built in our shop in upstate New York, which we continually update with new machinery and tools to ensure high-quality craftsmanship. We select the finest materials and quality hardware, individually, for each guitar. This includes specialty tonewood species with different figuring (quilted, flame, etc.), and different grades, from paint grade to multiple “A” ratings for flawless finishes. Our assortment of available electronics can be tailored to match any budget, without losing superior tone.  

As guitar players ourselves, we understand the bond you have with your instrument, so we ensure that you are included during each step of the build. At any point, you can contact your luthier directly for any questions, and can view progress photos of your guitar uploaded to our social media accounts. Throughout the entire process, we enjoy familiarizing you with each detail and decision of your guitar, so when the time comes to deliver your instrument, your fulfillment, excitement, and satisfaction will be that much greater. 


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