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Hank Mauel made his first guitar in 1972 and continued for more than 20 years as a self taught luthier making guitars in his spare time. In 1995 he finally set up his own workshop in Auburn, California and worked full time making acoustic guitars. According to Mauel's website (archived in 2011) there were 8 standard models although custom options were available.

  • Shasta: From the turn of the 20th century, reborn for the turn of the 21st century, the Shasta is a Parlor sized instrument.   Ideal for self accompaniment, yet strong enough to stand out in a group. The smaller body size is ideal for a younger guitarist or for a lady who doesn’t want to get lost behind a dreadnought.
  • Klamath: The Klamath classic OM is the  quintessential fingerstyle guitar developed in the 1930’s. An elegant balance of bass, mid range and treble tones that will project ‘out the back of the room’.
  • McCloud: The marriage of the Grand Auditorium style with the OM shape results in an instrument with new character. The  deeper body of the McCloud boosts not only the bass range, but opens up the midrange and makes the highs shimmer.
  • Trinity:The Trinity 000-12 fret is a sweetheart of a fingerstyle guitar from the 1920’s era. The 12th fret neck attachment at the body puts the bridge on the sweetest part of the soundboard for outstanding tonal balance and volume. The body shape is a classic representation of lovely curves.
  • Humboldt: The Humboldt is the flat picker’s Holy Grail! This is ‘the guitar’ for the Blue Grass dreadnought sound, yet it can be adapted to a wide variety of styles. While this issue has that big bass you would expect, attention to the upper registers provides an instrument that will truly inspire you to get out of the old ‘boom-chucka, boom-chucka’ rhythm mode!
  • Rubicon: The Rubicon is a new model based on the small jumbo guitar body.  The body dimensions offer a rich spectrum of sounds, supported by great overtone development and sustain.
  • Tuolumne:The Tuolumne was developed to provide the popular small jumbo body shape in an instrument with "OM'ish" dimensions, reminiscent of the Guild F-30 of the 1960's.  Outstanding tonal development occurs in an instrument that is extremely comfortable to play.
  • Mokelumne: The Mokelumne was developed from the traditional OO body style (both 12 and 14 fret variants) with the purpose of obtaining outstanding tonal characteristics in a small bodied instrument.  While larger than the Shaste Parlor, it is still a guitar that you can hunker down on your favorite chair and play comfortably.

 Source: MAUEL GUITARS web page (archived 2011)


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