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Ric McCurdy has been designing and building guitars since 1983, specialising in archtops. McCurdy's appreciation of the acoustic potential of the archtop guitar comes from many years playing, studying, and repairing many D'Angelico and D'Aquisto guitars as well as time spent with Bob Benedetto, who shared a lifetime of his unique knowledge. In his own instruments McCurdy strives for consistency of each note on the neck, with the same volume, richness and tone in every position and in every key. Since setting up his shop in the heart of New York City, he has built and repaired guitars for many well known players -- like John Ambercrombie, Joe Beck, Sheryl Bailey, Jimmy Vivino, the Blue Man Group, John Fohl and Kenny Loggins.

Source: McCurdy Guitars website (16 February 2017)


McCurdy Guitars
19 Hudson St.
10013 New York , NY
United States
New York US