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  • electric guitars


Mercurio electric guitars were made by Peter Mercurio. They were remarkable for their exchangeable pickup system - called the Pickup Pak. In 2001 Mercurio described the system as follows:

A Pickup Pak is a cleverly designed module that contains an entire configuration of pickups. It has no control electronics on it and is very lightweight,and compact, fitting in the palm of your hand. It takes only seconds to snap out one Pickup Pak ™and snap in another differently configured Pak offering new and different sound possibilities.You can change Pickup Paks™ without even having to unplug your cord or turn down your amp!

Pickup Paks could be ordered in any of the popular pickup configurations:

  • 3 single-coils
  • single/single/humbucker
  • hum/single/hum
  • hum/hum
  • tele-style coils

Source: Mercurio Guitars website (archived 2001)


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