Mirage Guitar Works

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  • acoustic guitars
  • electric guitars


Mirage Guitar Works was founded by Paul Gobat in 1978. The first production Mirage Guitar Works guitar was sold in 1979: the Mirage Mindbender with a cast polyester body. By 1982 almost 1000 Mindbenders had been sold and this model was featured in Guitar Player magazine. Over time Mirage Guitar Works offered a range of acoustic and electric guitars typically limited to production runs of less than 500 per model and some made overseas. The company closed in 2006 when the factory and warehouse was destroyed by fire.

Source: Mirage Guitar Works website (archived 2006)


Mirage Guitar Works
21605 Gunpowder Road
21102 Manchester , MD
United States
Maryland US


owner of Mirage Guitar Works

Please note that my current email address is [email protected]. If you have any specific questions on my acoustic or electric guitars please feel free to email, but I no longer build guitars or offer any type of warranty since the 2006 fire.

need a value on guitar

hi i have a mirage wg-881ctvc/bks acoustic and i cant find any info on it ..plz help