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Brad Nickerson went The Berklee College of Music before working as a graphic artist for many years. He built his first guitar in 1982 and received advice and encouragement from New York luthier Carlo Greco as well as Cape Cod violin and bow maker Donald MacKenzie. Nickerson was inspired by the archtop guitars of James D’Aquisto and he specialises in that style of instrument. He taught archtop guitar building at the Leeds Guitarmakers’ School in Northampton, MA from 1996. In 2006 he relocated his workshop to the historic downtown area of Asheville, North Carolina. As well as making archtop and acoustic guitars Nickerson also teaches classes in building flat-top and archtop guitars.

Source: Nickerson Guitars website (22 August 2018)


Nickerson Guitars
P.O. Box 1973
28802 Asheville , NC
United States
North Carolina US