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Parker Guitars began in 1993 as the vision of pioneering luthier, Ken Parker. The Parker Fly was their first production model and was designed by Ken Parker and Larry Fishman. The Fly was an innovative design - made from light weight woods reinforced by composite materials and with a dual pickup system mixing magnetic and piezo pickups. The two systems were blended by a stereo preamp that allowed you to mix the volumes and tones on-board. A "smart" switching jack sensed stereo or mono cable and routed the signals accordingly. A more conventional and affordable version of the Fly, called the NiteFly was also introduced with solid wood body and a bolt-on neck. These original Parker guitars were made in Wilmington, Massachusetts until 2003 when Ken Parker sold his company to the US Music Corporation and production was shifted elsewhere. US Music Corp was in turn sold to Jam Industries in 2009 and in 2010 the MaxxFly series was introduced - with a more conventional electric guitar shape and style trying to broaden the Parker's appeal. In 2016 the Parker brand was discontinued.

Source: Parker Guitars website (archived 2016)


Parker Guitars
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