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Sid Poole was a UK guitar builder known for his high quality custom electric guitars and top notch repair work. Sid built guitars for Geoff Whitehorn, Bernie Marsden, Mickie Moody, and Andy Fairweather-Low (amongst many others). His repair and customising work also brought high-profile customers, like Pete Townshend.

Sid Poole's craftsmanship was well recognised by other guitar builders:

Paul Reed Smith said:
"I think Sid has a very good grasp of what's involved in re-creating vintage-style instruments. Sid understands the fundamentals. I enjoy playing his guitars. He's a great builder and the world should know about him."

and from Dan Erlewine :
"Sid Poole's guitars are as fine as I have seen. A joiner trained in the old English apprentice system, Sid's woodworking skills are of the highest level - his sense of artistry, good taste, and knowledge of what makes a great guitar, match his guitar-building chops. Guitars this special simply could not roll-off a production line."

Sid Poole died in 2001.


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