Pulcinella (MPG)

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  • bass guitars
  • electric guitars


Matt Pulcinella was an active bass and guitar player in the early 1990s Philadelphia and Delaware live music scene who worked as a graphic designer by day. In the mid 1990s he started restoring and hot rodding an old Fender Jazz bass, and then made his own version of a Ken Smith neck-through bass. By 1997 he started to make basses for sale and officially launched Matt Pulcinella Guitars (MPG) in 1998. He advertised in Bass Player magazine and the orders started to roll in. He had to contract out some jobs (like roughing out the necks and finishing) to keep pace with demand. Outsourcing came at too high a price, however and in 2003 Pulcinella was forced to bring everything back in house and drastically scale back production. By 2005 he was back to making a handful of basses per year. For a while he concentrated on playing live again and spending time with his young family, but in 2006 he revitalised his workshop, improved his building procedures and in-house spray booth. He also got around to designing guitars to go with his basses.

Source: MPG website (4 July 2018)


Matt Pulcinella Guitars Chadds Ford , PA
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