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  • acoustic guitars


Riversong Guitars was founded by Mike Miltimore, who worked with his father Lee Miltimore at Lee's Music Store. The father and son team brought luthier Mike Trelenberg on board in 2006 to help them with their new acoustic guitar design and in 2012 they launched the first Riversong acoustic guitar. The Riversong guitars have removable adjustable necks, made from one piece of wood that extends down the entire length of the guitar to the end block. The fretboard is attached only to the neck and not the soundboard, which Miltimore claims eliminates various common problems such as a 14th-fret ‘hump’. This design reduces the need for soundboard bracing and kerfing. The guitar also has a adjustable neck angle which allows for optimum break angle over the bridge.

Source: Riversong Guitars website (5 March 2018)


Riversong Guitars
1305 Battle Street
V2C 2N9 Kamloops , BC
British Columbia CA