Roger Williams

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  • acoustic guitars
  • classical guitars


Roger Williams has been building and repairing fretted instruments in Lichfield, in the West Midlands, UK, since the 1990s. Williams intially trained and worked as a a designer, production engineer and project manager. He made the switch to luthiery following a training course with Norman Reed, which built upon his existing practical and engineering skills. He makes three main types of guitar; a concert classical, a Flamencoand an acoustic guitar for finger-style players, all based on the same plantilla. In 2016 Williams' cutaway crossover electroacoustic classical guitar design was licensed by JHS Ltd who produced a Vintage brand Roger Williams Signature Crossover Guitar. This model has many features of Williams' handmade crossover guitar designed to help steel-string players to play more easily on nylon strings and is endorsed by Gordon Giltrap.

Source: Roger Williams Guitars website (27 October 2021)


Roger Williams Guitars Lichfield , STS
United Kingdom
Staffordshire GB