product types: 

  • fuzz effects
  • overdrive and boost effects


Rock Your Repaired Amps (RYRA) is the brand name of amp and effects pedal maker Shane Logan. Logan began making The Klone overdrive pedal in 2014 -  out of a desire to try the famous Klon Centaur pedal for himself without paying the price tag. He built, tested and refined his early models. He decided to sell them only after perfecting his own process and parts, and Rock Your Repaired Amp was founded. After twelve years of working in chemical engineering & distribution, he enrolled in college to obtain a medical certificate. The Klone helped support Shane and his family through his time as a full time student. Shane realized after graduating that what he really wanted was to pursue the pedal business full time. He now works from home, building in the small workshop where he began.

Source: RYRA website (16 March 2022)