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  • bass amplifiers
  • cabinets
  • solid state amplifiers


Session was a British brand launched around 1979 which specialised in small solid state guitar amps - although they also made bass amps, and some other accessories.

Source: Award-Session website (15 September 2020)


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Session Amps product range

With the exception of the 15:30 Studio Combo (1979), Session's first amp, all products were and still are solid state.  For reliability reasons I gave up making valve amps in 1982.  At that time, famous competitive makers were also seeing around 50% returns due to tube failures.  I found this totally unacceptable for a modern business. 

Sessionett:75, Rockette:30, Duette 112, Duette 110, Sessionette:100 Bass are some of our best known 1980 amps.  Still popular today, Session offers full service and RetroTone™ upgrades for them.

BluesBaby 22, 5E3-EXTRA are the two latest amps from 2015 onward.

Award-Session can be contacted by email only: [email protected] or via our FB page.  Website: