Tsunami Guitars

product types: 

  • electric guitars


Tsunami Guitars are hand built in Cleveland, Tennessee, USA. Each unit in individualized to the owners preferences.  The website for Tsunami Guitars is www.tsunamiguitars.com.

Tsunami Guitars has been featured in Fretboard Journal online, as a very reasonable alternative to an expensive custom built unit.  The use of exotic woods, exclusive Tsunami Tonal Chamber, all wooden pickguards and a wide variety of pickups and controls makes Tsunami very unique in the world of guitars.

Tsunami Guitars also has a Facebook page, Tsunami Guitars

They can be contacted at the e-mail address below, or in the US at 423-716-7423, or by leaving a message on the Facebook page. 

They also have made YouTube twice, once with an official company video, and once by an owner who posted two nine minute videos on his new instrument.  Truly unique, Tsunami offers a great alternative to those who do not have $1000 or more to spend on a custom built guitar.



1203 Park Ave NW
37311 Cleveland , TN
United States
Tennessee US