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The original Vantage brand guitars were produced in Japan (by Matsumoku?) during the 1970s: The Avenger and Invader series had the most unusual body styles. Double cut-away VP, VS and VSH modesl were more conventional. All these models had great features with multiwood natural finish bodies fashionable in the late 1970s.  The Vantage brand name reappeared on lower quality guitars produced by Music Industries (Jay Turser) in the 1990's up until 1998.


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Vantage Classical Guitar

I own a Vantage Classical Guitar with the number : VC-05AM.I have looked everywhere on the web,but can get no information of this guitar.

vantage el bass E500020

anyone know anything about this bass? i had it for more than 20 yaer and still like it. im curious curios

about it, if i understood earlier msgs correct its made in may 85. am i correct?


unknown vantage electric guitar

I own VANTAGE electric guitar with serial number E625154. I have looked everywhere on the web,but can get no information of this guitar.

year ?

E = 5th month A=1 b=2 etc from 84 - 88

6 = 6th year 86


No info

I just bought a red neck-thru Vantage from a pawn shop with the serial number S5044143, have looked on the web for hours and can't find any info. It has gold hardware that has faded, three gold knobs (two tone and one volume, as far as I can tell), two original vantage single coil pickups in the neck and middle positions, one replaced Seymour Duncan pickup in the bridge position, a gold Floyd Rose tremolo, a 5-way pickup selecting lever, and a toggle switch that wasn't even wired to anything.


I have a vantage guitar with the seiral number of E625461 and i am looking for more info on this guitar 


vantage guitar date codes.

I found a site with all the vantage date codes


Vantage FV575

I have a FV 575 in red with a white pick guard with original hard shell case in 10 of 10 condition case 9.5..true born to rock 80s sound wired to a Marshall stack..great axe.