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In 1987 Jamon Zeiler moved from New York to Minnesota State College-Southeast Technical to pursue a degree in Guitar Repair & Building. After graduating he moved to Cincinnati, Ohio and worked for Buddy Rodgers Music for 13 years as a repair technician. In 2004 Jamon moved to Rising Sun Indiana where he continues his work in building and repairing stringed instruments. He worked for Harps on Main in Rising Sun as a master Luthier. Jamon also performs as a musician, and singer/ song writer in the greater Cincinnati area. By 2011 Jamon Zeiler Guitars had sold more than 100 custom guitars worldwide. Each handcrafted guitar takes around two months to complete and comes with your choice of personalized details. In 2011 prices started at $4,250 for classical models and $3,500 for steel string.

Source:  Guitar Hero: This master luthier knows how to play your heartstrings.Elizabeth Miller Wood, Cincinnati Magazine.August 1, 2011

Source: Zeiler Guitars website (archived 2015)


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