Guitar brand Razor

I found a guitar online from a private person and i really want to buy it but i have no idea how good the brand is and i cant find any information about it. Not even here, the brand name is Razor. Please helpRazor


Is it a copy of a Dimebag Razorback?

I think it could be a copy of the Dean Dimebag Razorback design - it has a similar style and the razor-blade inlay at the 12th fret - and Dean wings fingerboard position markers.


Razor - razorback?

Copy of a Dean Razorback? Are you serious? Do you know ANYTHING about this stuff at all? I'm going to go ahead and answer thst for you...No - you don't. That is a clone of the BC Rich Beast which was designed by former Deicide guitarist and now custom guitar builder Brian Hoffman. It looks absolutely nothing like a Razorback.