FT-150 and FT-150BL
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  • Epiphone FT-150 acoustic guitar
    Epiphone FT-150


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  • acoustic guitars

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1972 to 1979

EPIPHONE manufactured the FT-150 between 1972 and 1979. The Epiphone FT-150 was a Japanese dreadnought acoustic guitar. It had a natural laminated spruce top, rosewood rims and back, a three piece adjustable neck, rosewood fingerboard with block inlays. decorative purfling rings, adjustable bridge and chrome plated hardware. The mahogany neck was bolted on internally. Also available with maple back and sides as the FT-150BL (Blonde).

Specifications (16)


Finish colorsblonde finish, natural finish
Made inJapan
Bindingmulti-ply binding
Number of strings6 strings
Scale length25.5 inches scale-length


Body back materialrosewood body back
Body sides materialrosewood body sides
Body styledreadnought-size body, jumbo-style body
Body top materialspruce body top
Pickguard materialblack pickguard
Soundholeround soundhole


Bridgeadjustable rosewood bridge
Hardware colorcharcoal hardware, chrome hardware


Fingerboard materialrosewood fingerboard
Fingerboard position markersblock fingerboard position markers


Tuner layoutthree-each-side

Prices (37)

1972$150newI still have it and play it regularly.
19731000 ESP excellent
2014$200wornSeattle DayNeed to do a shim in the neck joint also a setup anding new bridge pons in white. Otherwise love it.
1983$75.00goodBrendaHas a serial BARD 09780243
1975$100wornPicked up this guitar at a going out of business sale. Has a great sound. It has served me well for over 40 years/
2015$275goodBarry JohnsonPicked it up at a pawn shop. Bard Serial
1971$275newGary Puckett
1975£100newDave PStill going strong after 40 odd years and a few tweaks ...
1973£80newKevVery good condition, just one scratch on the face.
2009$60goodBought at a pawnshop in Texas. It is in excellent shape, except for a chip on the headstock, but absolutely no scratches or anything anywhere. Guitar is now autographed by Merle Haggard and Willie Nelson.
2018£168goodandrew great condition has a few wear and tear marks which are very minor, still a great guitar in great shape, sounds brilliant, made between 1970-75 ft-150 bard. just wondered if its worth more than i paid
1995Ft50000goodJanosAfter refretting sounds fantastic, fingerpicking with D’Addario SL strings, absolutely no way to sell it. Serial no.: 860315, BARD.
2018€175goodanthony boyBought it in 2021. Small chip on the side but nothing major. Got a hard case with the guitar. Plays good.
2017$185newJimMy EPI is all blond and in very good condition. I purchased it new in 1977 after I got out of the U.S.NAVY. Shows a life on being cared for and played. The serial number is 262440.
1985£100goodColanMinor dings, no bridge lifting, low action, little fret wear, straight neck, original tuners. Kept cased, humidified, fretboard oiled. Just restringing it today as it's light on the bass end.

Reviews (6)

EPIPHONE FT-150 reviewed by Troy K

Average: 5 (1 vote)
This is the sweetest sounding acoustics I've ever owned! The action is to die for and you can actually adjust the saddle so you can get the action super low without any buzz! Just something about this guitar, it's like I don't even have to try, it's that smooth and easy to play! As far as acoustics go, this is definitely the one I'll keep until I go! If you can get your hands on one, you won't be disappointed! I've played for over 32 years, that's my honest opinion!

EPIPHONE FT-150 reviewed by Michael

Average: 5 (1 vote)
I was 12 years old, as my stepsister gets a FT 150 for present from her boyfriend in the late 70th. But she never played it. So I gave her 50 Deutschmarks and bought it. It was my first guitar and I praticed real hard to learn playing guitar on the Epi. And the FT 150 helped me, because it was really easy to play on her. Now, more than 40 years later I still own this guitar (including the FT 150 I have two 6-string guitars, two 12-string guitars and two e-guitars) and I play it sometime and still love my old FT 150. I would never give it away!

EPIPHONE FT-150 reviewed by Chris Pope

Average: 5 (1 vote)
Had a FT 150 for 20 years. Fabulous Guitar, stick a good pick up on it and its better.

EPIPHONE FT-150 reviewed by ColoradoGeezer

Average: 5 (1 vote)
I purchased an Epiphone FT-150 (made in Japan) new for $145.00 in 1973. It was my first acoustic and we struggled to find the cash for it while I was still in school. Nearly five decades later, I still have it and I still love it. The bound neck seems to have rolled edges and I can get the action down to a really low level without string buzz. I've played a lot of nice guitars in the 46 years I've owned it and I'm fortunate enough to own a few fine ones now. Yet, no guitar I've ever played--except a true "fretless wonder" Gibson Les Paul Custom from around 1960--is any easier or more fun to play. It must have been made on a Wednesday, a very good Wednesday. It sounds good, not great; but I've never used it for performances--only for my own enjoyment at home where ringing and projection aren't necessary. It may have cost $800+ in today's dollars; but I can't find a guitar for $800 dollars today that I like nearly as well. I guess that defines a value.

EPIPHONE FT-150 reviewed by OldManInOhio

Average: 4 (1 vote)
I was 16 in 1974, and at the time our small town had one little music store. Like many young aspiring musicians tend to do, I frequently loitered there. I had eventually played every guitar they had, most more than once. I played the Epiphone and fell in love with its playability, sound and what seemed to be decent quality for a guitar in its price range. I thought it looked pretty good, too. It played very easy, and I thought that it sounded great to my highly experience ears. Maybe it did, but considering that it sported a bolt-on neck and a laminated top, I now have some doubt that it was capable of such an exceptional tone. To save up the needed funds to buy it I worked months - at the absolute worst job I've ever had, for less ($1.50 per hour) than what the minimum wage was at the time ($2.30 an hour, I think), Don't ask why, it was just a different time. It was a seriously bad job. Anyway, I saved up the money, bought it, and promptly quit that awful job. It wasn't my first guitar, but was the first one I had bought brand new. I think that may have lowered the price to $140, from $150 or $160. Adjusted for inflation, $150.00 in 1974 is equal to $815.69 in 2019 - a tidy sum for a teenager to raise for what today is considered a "cheap guitar". I didn't know the reason they had they discounted the guitar, maybe it was last year's model. Most likely, I thought they had realized that I was a great guy, and wanted to do me a favor just because they liked me so much. Probably it was just the easiest way to get me to stop coming to their store for awhile. Well, I actually learned a lot while I was playing that Epiphone, and even to this day, I still miss it. You never forget your first new guitar. I owned it for 4 or 5 years, and never had any problems with it. I sold it to a guy I went to school with for $100. A few months later, I saw him and he told me the bridge had popped off. Maybe he put on the heaviest strings he could find and then tuned it so high it was damaged; I don't really know, but it was fine when he bought it. However, this is why I rated it at only 4 stars, rather than 5.

EPIPHONE FT-150 reviewed by Anonymous

Average: 5 (1 vote)
Beautiful sounding guitar.

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