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The First Act First Act GarageMaster guitar was the result of a collaboration with Volkswagen of America, Inc. an guitar that can play through the car-audio system of some Volkswagen models. During the fourth quarter of 2006, new Jetta, GLI, GTI, Rabbit, New Beetle, and New Beetle Convertible cars included one of these guitars.

Items included with this guitar: 3 guitar picks with the VW logo, a guitar strap (made out of safety belts), custom VW inlays and VW knobs. These guitars were not available to buy in music shops.

A small analog amp-modeling circuit is housed under the lower pickguard amid the tone and volume controls. This preamp is powered by a standard nine-volt battery housed in a snap-open plastic compartment in the back of the guitar. Augmenting the normal volume and tone controls are three sliding switches. They control preamp on/off (with an adjacent blue LED to indicate status), tone shift (treble cut/boost), and choice of output-clean or distortion. A separate master volume knob controls output only when the preamp is engaged.


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