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I'm new to this site and forum.  Where do I go to add my site to the list?    www.dickert.ca

I am a guitar builder in Kilbride, Ontario, Canada.  Ya ya, no one knows where Kilbride is.  It's between the cities Toronto and Hamilton just north of the west tip of Lake Ontario.

Ok, back to the guitars...  Acoustic Steel Sting including 7-string, made of all kinds of classic and alternative tone woods.  Also solid and chambered electric guitars.

List every guitar???  Well, they are all custom so there are no actual models.  The idea is a custom guitar for exploring and producing your own sound.  If you want to sound like the guys from AC/DC, then you go get a Gibson SG (which I love by the way).

A Dickert "CuttingBoard" will have you Rocking or Jazzing out Your Way.  And the Finger Style guys love my acoustics.

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Thanks Harold welcome to the site,

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