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I have looked EVERYWHERE...can Not Find One!
Or info on it.

It is an Alvarez Professional per inside Black Circle W/ the Red A paper label =
Model PF90C N
Serial #807010017
BUT its From the 5088 style/family/era in The
Mid 90's. It is an Acoustic Electric w/500A EQ. Guitar Sounds FANTASTIC BTW
Stamped Made in Korea back of lower section of headstock, along w/Alvarez Black Script
Higher up on rear side of headstock.

Any Info is greatly Appreciated.

Also can a 600T EQ Be retrofitted in
The 500A's Stead?

I'm considering sending it out to have the neck's
Compound warping repaired since it can't be
Played past the 5th fret Which is a total waste, especially considering how fast these necks are.

>>>>UPDATE: I Believe it is an Anniversary
Model 97-98? not Japan 6020C but a Korean Version PF90C Possibly by Peerless? in Korea.
It has Nice Big Abalone Alvarez Logo Inlay on Headstock.
Nice Abalone around sound hole too.
No "hand made" stamped inside like 6020
That I could see.
The search continues...

Definitively~Alvarez says it is a
1998 PFC90 N
That Sold For $750 New*
From Possibly 'Cort' a Korean Manufacturer.