This site states that the 1st 5037 12 string was made in 1998.  This is incorrect! I purchased this guitar in 1986 and still have it.  It appears the company reissued a guitar in the late '90s with this model number but it has a very different style to it!


Alvarez 5037 dates

Thanks for spotting this, the 5037 was discontinued in 1998, I'll correct the page!

The reissue was the Wildwood

The reissue was the Wildwood II that was only made for one year. I bought one. This is more a "parlor" 12-string and has a nice middle tone. I'll post a pic for you later.

Just wanted to comment on

Just wanted to comment on this,i have one i also purchased new back in 1983 or 1984, 5037 wildwood 12 string with a natural cedar top,

Exotic Ovangkot back and sides,Rosewood bridge and fingerboard,Maple body bindings and wood multilayered top inlay.

Deluxe gold die cast gears with beautiful amber colored buttons,Warm satin finish

                                                                                                                    any comments,ty Rick C

i have one

Don, I have one. I sent an email to the address you listed too.

Coryafw at gmail dot com