Ibanez JS2000

Good Morning, my new ocasion Ibanez JS2000 is a sérial n° 009873, what is his fabrication year ?

Thanks for help me !


Ibanez JS2000 serial number

On IbanezRules.com they give the following information

"JS - JS series guitars built in Japan have a neck plate that is stamped with a consecutive number since production first began with no indication of date. They are termed J plates because of a J prefix in the number but somewhere around J 002700 they dropped the J leaving just the 6 digit number. Plate number J 000001 is on a 93' Donnie that I will always consider Jim Donahue's guitar, now residing in the Hoshino USA  collection. [Jim had control of plate numbers 1-15 and used the #1 plate when he assembled what is considered his Donnie late in the 93' run] A 2003' JS2000 I did this week had the plate number 010044 finally cracking 10,000 JS models built in Japan [and probably 3 times as many built in Korea]. The only way to date a JS that only has a neck plate number is by spec. Sometime around 1995 they started using the typical F based serial stickers on the headstock and in all cases this should be considered the serial number of the guitars that bear them."

Based on this information I would guess yours would have been made around 2002-2003.