No file generated in Windows xp


Does this plugin works in Windows xp?

I've tryed all the options, but not wile is saved.

I've try on a other pc using Windows 7 and it's works .

Do you have a idea for xp ?


Thanks a lot



This plugin does normally work in XP. Could XP be hiding STL files? The STL extension is also used for Certificate Trust List files.

Navigate to the folder where your files are saved using XP file explorer - and click Tools -> Folder Options, then on the View tab choose "Show Hiddren Files and Folders".

Also when saving files with the plugin make sure you also enter the file extension into the save dialog (e.g. "file1.dxf" or "file1.stl").

One final thought - the plugin will not work if you try to save the exported file in a location where one of the folders contains non latin characters, eg: "ą, ż, ź, ć, ń, ó, ł".


same problem

I also have Windows XP and have the same problem, nothing gets saved. I tried the aforementioned options to no avail...

The problem and its solution.

The problem STL file is missing in Windows XP. You must save the file on a short way. Example: Save as - >> C:\Model

On the desktop, the file is not saved.

RUS: Проблема отсутствия файла в Windows XP. Необходимо сохранять файл по короткому пути и без пробелов. Пример: сохранить как ->>  С:\Модель\ На рабочем столе файл не сохраняется, может из-за пробелов или кирилицы. Точно не скажу но сегодня все получилось. 

Directories with non-english characters

This problem is because the plugin can't save to directories named with non-English characters (for example Chinese or Russian) . By saving to "C:\" you will bypass these directories.