Some suggestions



first of all thanks for the great plugin - i use it very often and it works well. even though i'd have som suggestions that would make life easier when working with the plugin:

- default unit for export: I always use milimeters for export and have to select this every time i export. Having a default unit without the select box popping up as an option would be great.

- use the skp files folder as the default export folder: i often have to change things about 20 times or more until the stl works well for me and i have to reexport it as often as i have to modify it. On every export i have to select the unit, the format (stl/dxf) and navigate to the right path again. I think this could be  a bit smarter.

That's all for now.




Thanks Frank!


Those are some useful suggestions which should speed things up for the average user.

I'll fix it to default to mm. I'll also try to alter the default export path,


Hi Nathan,

Hi Nathan,

thanks for replying so quick. Other than defaulting to one of the values it would be nice if one could choose their default to even not get the popup at all - in case this works. ;-)

where do i need to subscribe to know of updates? You could post your plugin at - i'm sure they'll all love it there :)


STL plugin


If its just STLs you're exporting the best way to keep up to date with the plugin is on GitHub.

Google have started  an opensource STL-for-Sketchup project on GitHub, using my export plugin and Jim Foltz's import plugins as the starting point.

Take a look here: