EPIPHONE LES PAUL SIGNATURE Reviewed by: Donny LaRue Date: 2019
I own 2 of these beauties, one black and the other is tobacco burst. These are great guitars especially for jazz and blues. The pickups are like low impedance PAF's. with one 3 way impedance selector, 1 in or out of phase selector, 1 volume and 1 tone control and a 3 way pickup selector allow you to customize your sound. These guitars are very hard to come by and you don't see very many musicians playing them at all. These guitars have a vintage cool factor and are very unique in design. The Jack Cassidy bass looks just like it and I own a Alpine White limited edition of it as well. If you come across one of these for sale, buy it because they are rare and hard to find : )
EPIPHONE LES PAUL SIGNATURE Reviewed by: M.Fallas GuitLab51 repair and mod. Date: 2017
A client of my, change this model guitar, in Ebony color, I loved it; the pickups are great, for jazz, country and many more. I can put down the action and the tunning, is ok ever. Is one of my favorites guitar, is not like de ES335, is another thing, but is a great guitar, very good construccion and fine handcraft work.