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Born 08 February 1977 in Dublin / Ireland. Started play guitar when was 16.

Influenced by such stellar musicians such as Shawn Lane, Jeff Beck and Jason Becker, Irish guitarist Alan Lennon has released "Heaven's Call", an EP/CD featuring melodic shred and atmospheric hard rock that is an inspirational listen. As Lennon himself states, "With my music I always try to put the songs before the technique. If a song does not need any fast technical playing, I won't put any in. What good is music if it is not nice to listen to? I think it is important that your music is accessible to people who don't play guitar." With that in mind, some songs do lend themselves to technical playing, as the blazing fretfest "Cherry Bomb" illustrates with its balls-to-the-walls-sound - and you'll be impressed with Lennon's command of the fretboard.

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