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Eccentric pop genius Ulysses Adrian "Roy" Wood developed the Electric Light Orchestra out of the Move, a truly great British band in an era of great British bands. However, because of a rift with Jeff Lynne, Wood left ELO after the debut No Answer and created Wizzard, a bizarre octet who debuted at a 1972 Wembley Rock 'n' Roll Festival and then captured the airwaves with "Ball Park Incident." Wizzard landed two chart-toppers overseas, "See My Baby Jive" and "Angel Fingers." Chaotic but always melodic, Wood built a unique wall of sound around these and other dandies like "Rock and Roll Winter" and perennial winner "I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day." Wizzard even jabbed the ascending ELO with "Bend Over Beethoven."

In the center of this insanity, Wood sported multi-colored beard and mane, added a star to his forehead, and covered his face (perhaps inspiring fan Paul Stanley) with warpaint, sprinkles, or innumerable other oddities. Wizzard seemed to only maintain success with singles however, and the Introducing Eddie and the Falcons LP, a tribute to early rock icons like Del Shannon, Gene Vincent, and Cliff Richard, proved to be Wizzard's final work. Manager Don Arden enjoyed stadium success in the U.S., but Wizzard folded when management decided not to increase financing. Wood kept bassist Rick Price and saxophonist Mike Burney for the Wizzo Band, whose jazz-funk wafted beyond commercial confines for a lone effort, Super Active Wizzo. Wizzo expired in 1978, Wood continuing his concurrent solo career and basically dropping out of sight, reappearing periodically to perform with disciples Cheap Trick.

There are other bands with the same name:

(2) One of them is a 'blackened' heavy metal band from Finland. It enjoyed some success in Finland and Germany though even some fans wondered why they had taken the name of Roy Wood's famous band – the other z was actually added because the band didn't want to be confused with the German band Wizard. The band was founded by Teemu Kautonen as his solo-project in August 1995, and he handled all the instruments on the first demo, Teemu moved the band to Germany in April 1997 adding new local musicians CY and Daniel to the line-up. In August Teemu returned to Finland, but moved back to Germany in January 2001, and CY and Daniel came along again. Also a new guitarist Johnny joined the band.

Last known lineup:
Teemu Kautonen aka Hexenmeister - Vocals, originally also Bass & Guitars
CY aka Grobi - Drums
Daniel - Lead Guitars, Bass
Johnny - Rhythm Guitars

I am the King, Demo, 1997
Children of Bodom, Split, 1997
Devilmusick, Full-length, 1998
Wizzard, Full-length, 1999
Songs of Sins & Decadence, Full-length, 2000
Tormentor, EP, 2000
Black Heavy Metal. Full-length, 2001
Metal Forever Vol. 1, Split, 2003

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