• Picture of Ibanez S300 (S300SV) acoustic guitar violin finished 1980
    Ibanez S300 (S300SV) acoustic guitar


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  • acoustic guitars

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1977 to 1980

The Ibanez S300 (S300SV) acoustic guitar was made in the mid-late 1970s to around 1980. It was a budget dreadnought shaped steel string acoustic with the following features:

  • Laminated spruce top, Ibanez S300 tops were laminated from three layers of select spruce. Other more expensive Ibanez models were available with solid spruce tops though. The back and sides were mahogany.
  • Scalloped bracing. The technique of arching the interior braces or "scalloping" provided strength combined with freedom of vibration. Ibanez claimed their scalloped brace dreadnoughts had a full and rich sound with excellent projection (presumably in comparison to their non-scalloped brace models).
  • Tru-Tune saddle. In order to assure good intonation the S300 featured the Tru-Tune compensating saddle. This staggered length saddle allows for the differences in strng tension keeping the instrument in tune all the way up the neck
  • Arched backs. This was a revolutionary concept at the time, but Ibanez used the arched back on some dreadnoughts to provide strength, eliminating the need for braces. They used computer models to calculate the forces involved and to design the arch for enhanced projection and bass.
  • Satin violin colour. The S300 in satin violin finish was designated the S300SV model. This finish was created by gently wire brushing the top, adding a texture that followed the grain of the wood. The very soft wood is removed by the brushing and reduces the overall weight of the top (without sacrificing strength - according to Ibanez). Ibanez claimed this resulted in increased power and volume. The violin stain added contrast and highlight to the top and the instrument was finally sealed with a satin finished.
  • The S300SV headstock used Ibanez's mid-late 1970s shape - slightly splayed out (Guild style), with six-a-side tuners and the Ibanez logo painted on in white at the top. The larger, more massive head was designed to improve the sustain of the instrument.
  • The fingerboard had diamond cross inlays and 18 frets.


Prices (7)

1980350000 ITL excellent
1980kr1500newPeterMy first real acoustic steel-string. Walked into the shop and fell in love. Bought New. A feature not often mentioned is it has a soft v-shaped neck, and it can be found if you search the web for Ibanez catalogs 1978. The colour of the top made me wonder what type of wood was used. I see now its a laminated spruce top that has a "satin violin" finish. I saw one on the internet for 650 USD today, quite worn. Way too much money. Should cost maximum 250 USD if you really want it! Maybe less if all you need is a reasonably good dreadnough. http://www.ibanez.co.jp/anniversary/expansion.php?cat_id=308&now=4.
1984£120excellentGaryPrice included hard case. I wish the fret board was slightly wider to suit my fattish fingers
2018€130goodMatthias Zurbrügg
2018$80.00excellentNice sound sweetheart of a deal

Reviews (2)

IBANEZ S300SV reviewed by Brightman

Average: 5 (1 vote)
In 1979 i walked into the Antares guitar shop in Gent (Belgium). Lots of guitars on display, but one guitar was just in, and resting against the counter. She stood out by her special darkish finish and silky touch. I bought this Ibanez S300SV, and it has been my favourite guitar for over 40 years now. Great sound, superb quality, still looks and sounds as good as on the first day. In fact, i honestly believe she's sounding better with aging. Costed me a months worth of student job, best spent money ever.

IBANEZ S300SV reviewed by Bruce Watts

Average: 5 (1 vote)
The description for this guitar says that it was a 'budget' guitar, that's not correct as this model was a very limited model and the build qualiy is exceptional. Yes there were budget guitars in the Ibanez range, but this guitar features more elaborate detail to be simply a 'budget' guitar. The lamination process on this paticular model is excellent, on par with the best Yamaha acoustics. The guitar features scalloped bracing, beautifully bound and the sound is rich and full. One of the best laminate guitars I've ever played and believe me, I know all about the FG 180 too! If you find one, go get it They are awesome!

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