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1983$1595newRudmanCertificate of authenticity from manufacturer. only 3000 manufactured
2015$800.00goodSteve SmithThe $800 included the case which had a bit of damage. The guitar had great sound and was in great condition with the exception the broken top nob of the volume, which sits over the tone adjustment. Hope to get that replaced or repair the broken one.
1983$1.00newDarrenWon guitar from KSJO San Jose and KK Music contest.
1987$300.00excellentDavid P. MakowskiBack in 1987 Ovation's were the most popular acoustic guitars. I found my 1983-B at Sam's Pawnbrokers on 14th Street in Washington, D.C.. Excellent condition with factory matching case. It has a very enjoyable "V" style neck and makes bending notes easier than other traditional acoustics. Plus it was the closest thing to a Les Paul looking guitar with the shallow bowl and single cut away. It reminded me of the "Silver 'Burst" Les Paul Custom Silver 'Burst from the late 1970's. I still own and play it. I'm am still stumped at how this 2nd year "Collector's Series" Ovation is not worth much money at all. I would have though that being one of 3,000 it would command a high price but no. Oh well, I still love it.
2017$270wornSteveI just purchased the guitar and waiting for it to arrive. It is reportedly playable with many dings and scratches and a non-ovation tuning peg which I will be replacing. It should sound great and will be my playing guitar!

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